Monday, October 8, 2012

Joy. Part II

Part I is here.

Then finally the lights went down, and the opening bars of Plastic Surgery started slowly, and Adam walked out, facing away from the audience while singing the first few lines.  


Then when the chorus kicked in he turned around and was right in front of me, performing right in front of me.  

Greg got some pretty good pics with his iPhone

"I've got a fetish for black
A fetish for green
A fetish for those arty magazines
I've got a fetish for blondes
A fetish for blondes
A fetish for blondes
A fetish for brown haired girls
I've got a fetish and that means I'm sick
So very sick
Any more for the Christian D'or?"
~Christian D'or

So many of the really punky songs, from before he was famous, from before the MTV Goody Two Shoes era, so many b-sides and album cuts.  Songs that I've never heard him do live before. Even singing alternate lyrics that I'd only previously heard on bootleg recordings of his pre-fame concerts.

"You gave me punishment, it lasted an hour
It made marks on my skin
I'm just a bundle of misery, girl
Since you kicked my cheekbones in
There's a whip in my valise, oh yeah
Who taught you to torture?"
~Whip In My Valise

I didn't take any pics, I was
too busy enjoying
But he also did a lot of hits (not all of them, he had quite a few, especially in England), and plenty of songs that everyone (it seemed) in the audience was singing along with.

Especially Antmusic.

"Well I'm standing here
what do I see?
a big nothing threatening me
it's so sad when you're young
to be told you're having fun
So unplug the jukebox
And do us all a favour
That music's lost its taste
So try another flavour

And Kings of the Wild Frontier, which is still ringing in Greg's head a week later.

"No method in our madness 
Just pride about our manner
Antpeople are the warriors
Antmusic is the banner!

A new Royal Family, a wild nobility
we are the family"
~Kings of the Wild Frontier

See the bandana on his hip?
And I was so very happy, dancing in front of the stage, singing along with every single word of every single song. Adam looked fantastic, and believe me when I say that he wears 57 better than any man ever has before. He was energetic, dancing all around the stage, and looked as though he was enjoying the hell out of it. He sounded great, and his rocked-up versions of Desperate But Not Serious and Prince Charming were surprising and SO good. He did one song from his upcoming new album, and even though the song is currently unreleased, I knew a lot of the words just from watching YouTube videos of him performing it live.

"10:36 and I hope I've made
The right decision (nononononono)
Ninety eight point four's the bore
With twenty twenty vision (nononononono)
You want a thrill so you come and see me
A cheap line in fantasy
I'm still searching for the
Ants invasion
If I'd the courage
I would make my way home
Too many antics in the forbidden zone"
~Ants Invasion


I've always kind of thought of myself as the perfect audience, I love to see people perform whether just in a casual conversation where they are holding court or on an actual stage, and being quiet and shy I don't want any of the attention and am happy to direct my full focus on the performer.  On this night I was probably the best audience anyone has ever been in the history of people, I am sure I looked happy, and thrilled, I was dancing with complete joy, and what songwriter doesn't love a person who has memorized every single lyric they've ever written?  As far as I was concerned, he was performing just for me. He was right in front of me, after all.

"I live the life that I've been left
I leave most things unspoken
But deep inside Geronimo
Is tearing me apart
Now's the time I must digress
From going through the motions
Take my head out of its sling
Free the warrior"
~Killer In The Home

The band and the backup singer were really good

He came out in a jacket, a white shirt, and a t-shirt, with various scarves and belts and straps and things.  At one point he took off the jacket, then later took off the shirt.  He pulled off a bandana tied to his hip and performed with it, wrapping it around his fist, around his neck, tying it around the microphone during Whip In My Valise and sexily pulling it tight.

Then he held it out, and the audience screamed and reached toward the stage with outstretched hands.  I was just dancing, and when he threw it in my direction I made a weak grab at it, but missed.

Greg caught it.  Greg told me later that Adam looked right at me, but I didn't see it, then Adam looked at Greg, Greg nodded to him, Adam balled up the bandana and tossed it directly into his hands.

I missed the whole thing, but I got the bandana.  I wrapped it around my hand and kept dancing.  It kills me now to think of it; clearly Adam Ant wanted me to have it. Is it safe to say he saw me loving his music and his performance, and wanted me to have it? I think it is.

That's my bandana wrapped around my hand

Adam performed twenty-two songs plus five more during the encore, he was onstage for nearly two hours. Being me, I had done a ton of research about his recent set lists, and actually had the whole list on a notecard in my purse. (Full disclosure - I also burned the whole set list onto a CD and made Greg listen to it nearly every day for a couple of weeks before the show.  You know, to prepare.)


So when I heard the beginning of Physical I knew it was almost over. It's one of my favorite Ant songs, and he really rocked it.  Then he unceremoniously put down his guitar and walked offstage, just like he always did at the end.

One of the women I'd met before the show ran over and hugged me, telling me how glad she was that I got the bandana. Two other people from the audience told me I deserved it, since I "knew all the words".  (Good grief, I thought, could they hear me singing?)

And that was it. I wanted to sit down again, and Greg sat with me until the security people starting shooing stragglers out.

It was completely indescribable. He was brilliant, and I feel inspired and energized; I still feel it strongly a week later. It was such an intense, joyful, meaningful experience for me, I feel transformed.

Thanks, Adam.

Plastic Surgery 
Dog Eat Dog 
Beat My Guest
Cartrouble (part 2)
Ants Invasion
Deutscher Girls
Stand and Deliver
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Whip In My Valise
Vince Taylor
Desperate But Not Serious
Never Trust A Man
Goody Two Shoes
Vive Le Rock
Christian D'or
Lady/Fall In

Fat Fun
Red Scab
Get It On
Prince Charming


  1. My gosh. I wish I could have been as articulate after my Steely Dan experience. It is clear that you DID deserve that bandana and that Adam wanted you to have it - and Greg is the best Ant-Husband evah!!!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Jen. :) Greg really is the best Ant husband!

  2. How absolutely incredible and amazing that you got his bandana, and that Greg was there to secure it for you. What a wonderful experience! I am so happy you were able to be there, and with you fabulous Ant Husband too!

    1. It was a great experience. I keep thinking about what you said in the last comment, about how I commit passionately. That's a much prettier thought than thinking of myself as overly emotional and obsessed. :D Thanks!

  3. I just saw him last night in Baltimore and had the same experience with ant peeps being so friendly and lovely. And he was great. I love him so much!!! Thanks for your blog posts. I know it's been s bit since you wrote them but they're still appreciated today!


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