Thursday, September 12, 2013


Rainy afternoon
For Greg to get off work, so we can drive home in our little orange and be cozy inside our home, making dinner together and watching tv and petting kitties and sharing those little moments that make up our lives.

I really like that we can carpool together now.  He drives our little orange to his office, then I drive to mine, and I go back and get him in the afternoon.  Sometimes he ends up having to stay late, and I'll sit in our car reading my Kindle.  I have to admit, I like those moments.  Greg always feels terrible when I end up waiting for him, but it's kind of relaxing to know that I can't do anything but hang out and read.  I can't clean the kitchen, or return emails, or hang up clothes, or sort through all those handwritten family letters that belonged to my late uncle, or scrub the shower, or any of the other zillion things that are constantly banging around in the back of my head.  I like it.