Saturday, May 20, 2006


We just bought tickets for the P!NK show at the House of Blues on July 26! We got the partially-secret reserved seats in the balcony, that are only available if you call the HOB box office and ask specifically (you can't get them through Ticketmaster at all). The vast majority of the HOB is general admission, there are only a few reserved seats, so Greg called right as they went on sale, and we got 'em! I'm so excited. I love Pink!

So I'm kind of pissed: a) at the people I work with, and b) at myself. I really should able to behave as if I were an actual adult, being kind and understanding and NOT being selfish and childish. Actually, come to think of it, I am doing that: behaving as if I were an actual adult... I am just feeling and thinking selfishly and childishly.

Anyway, since I came into this dept 3 years ago, I have given money to collections for presents for kids being born, houses bought, funerals, marriages, grandkids being born, hospital stays, etc. So I just bought a house, where's MY goddamn gift card?! I haven't said anything to anybody, I know they just forgot (we are really busy lately), but I am really kind of pissed. I got married right before transferring into this dept, I am not going to have a baby, so this is it for me: this was my one big chance to get some of that money back. Where's my collection? Where's my card that everyone signed? I have given money twice in the past 3 years specifically for others who bought houses. Fuck.

I really dislike this stupid job anyway, frankly. I also dislike my 40-minute, 25-mile commute on three different toll roads. I used to drive 10 miles, around 25 minutes, and no tolls. I used to fill my tank about once a week, now it seems like I have to stop for gas every other day.

A few months ago was my 10 year anniversary at this company. I'm 40 years old, I have spent half of my adult life at this company. Gads.

Revised goals for the next 6 months:

* Find new job

* Lose 20 more pounds

* Find excercise class that I enjoy

* Try out my new pool

* Set up easel/paints in sunroom

* Remove hideous wallpaper from kitchen and master bath

* Have back patio screened in

* Go back to Newport, VA to visit relatives I haven't seen in 10 years

* Get a tattoo

* Resist all temptation to adopt another cat