Wednesday, August 1, 2007



So I'm looking around on my regular check-em-every-day websites, and on this one I see a deal on Wilson's Leather website: Take an extra 50% off clearance prices, plus get free shipping, today (8/1) only.

Hey!, I think, that's a good deal. I find a $48 purse and a $34 belt, with the clearance price, and then with the extra discount, and with the free shipping, it comes to a grand total of $21. Did I mention how cute the white leather purse and the black leather belt are?

See, look:


So Greg calls, and I tell him about my fabulous deal, and he says, "But why do you n--... never mind. That's great, sweetie."

Ha! Why do I need another purse and belt when I already have a purse and a belt! He's so cute.