Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day at Universal

Yesterday we slept late, then went to Universal. I was surprised to see that parking is now $11! Dag, dude. That's freakin' ridiculous...

We went to Islands of Adventure first, and immediately went to the Hulk, where there was an hour wait. That's too long, even though I love the Hulk. We rode Spiderman, which is always fun, and then when we came out it was raining. Did I mention that IOA was full of spring-break kids? Apparently when you're 14 it's fun to get rained on. When you're 41, not so much...

So we went to Universal, where all the attractions are inside. We did the Terminator 2 thing, which I love. The actual live-action part isn't so impressive anymore, but the 3D movie part is just so cool.

We rode the Mummy, which was fun but too short. Then we realized there's just nothing else at Universal that was interesting to us. Twister is the stupidest thing ever and should be taken out, the Men In Black ride is okay but not worth waiting in line for, Earthquake and Jaws are just boring after, what, 20 years? I used to LOVE the Hanna-Barbera ride, but they TOOK IT OUT. Bah! The Blue Man Group dealie doesn't start until this summer...

The whole experience really made me agree with Mike Thomas' recent column about the decline of Universal.

So we walked back over to CityWalk and went to the movies. There we discovered something terrible: They no longer give you concession credit for the parking cost! That was EXTREMELY disappointing, especially after paying so much to park.

We saw 300, which was great! I walked out of the theatre feeling like the whole 2-hour movie had been about 15 minutes long. I normally really hate battle-y movies, but this was awesome.

Greg wrote a review of it in the Pop Culture Playground.

Fuck Universal! Go see 300 (somewhere else)!