Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Free" Stuff

There are several websites that I go on frequently to get free stuff, samples, and discounted stuff. I've made a list of the best ones, I hope you find them useful, too. :)

* BzzAgent - This is a word-of-mouth dealie, where they send you stuff and you tell people about it, then you report back to Bzz. Anyone can sign up, and it's free. I have gotten coupons for free meals at Chili's, free vodka, free Afrin nasal spray, and coupons for Walgreen's and Take Care clinics. I have only been signed up with them for a few months, and so far I like it a lot. You do have to write up short "reports" detailing how you spread the word about whatever product they sent you, but for me so far the amount of effort I put in is minor compared to the amount of cool free stuff I've gotten.

* MyPoints - Once you sign up (which is quick and easy and free) MyPoints send emails, maybe 2-6 per day, and if you click on the ad in the email you get 5 points. (I find it is best to make a new email address specifically for MyPoints). I never buy anything, I often don't even actually look at the advertised website when it comes up. They also send survey emails, I don't do those either.

I accrue points, 5 at a time, and then when I have around 3,500 points I cash them in for a gift card. Sure, 5 points at a time takes a while, I'm not gonna lie. But it takes only a few seconds to click on the little orange "Get Points" button in the emails. I usually check my MyPoints email once a week and do them all in one go. Then around 8 months later, I have enough points for a gift card, and they have TONS of good gift cards to choose from. I've gotten $25 cards for Outback Steakhouse, Kohl's, Barnes and Noble and Macy's.

They want you to buy stuff through their links (they offer you a buttload of points for it), but I have never ever done that. I've never had to put in a credit card number either, all they have is my name and address to mail me the gift cards (which they do pretty promptly).

* Walmart Free Samples - These have a tendency to take a long while to get to you, but it is quick and easy to request them (especially if your browser has an auto-fill function that will automatically fill in your name and address on the request form).

Free samples are great for traveling -- I've gotten tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner, little tubes of toothpaste and teensy containers of deodorant. I've also gotten samples of garbage bags, tampons, razors, paper towels, cat food, snacks, instant pudding, cake mix, granola bars, cereal, coffee, magazines, dental floss, tea bags and 100-calorie cakes. I love getting a little Walmart box of free stuff in the mail! The specific free offers can sometimes change frequently so I check the website several times a week.

* YDF (Your Daily Freebies) - This is a great source to find free and discounted stuff. This forum is the one I go on most often, looking for free samples. There are a ton of other sites similar to the ones I've listed here, you can find massive lists of them on this forum. I've found some really good deals here, but it requires a little bit of effort to sift through everything. It does seem to be a very friendly and helpful group of people posting there.

Why have internet if not to use it to get free stuff, huh? :)

If there are other sites like these that you use, please leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks!