Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slightly Embarrassing...

Last night, in the middle of the night, I dreamed about this weird music. Slowly I started to wake up, but I was still hearing it. Once I was finally mostly awake, I realized that what I was hearing was my own nose whistle.

Well, what can I say, it is allergy season. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


3/17 = My 44th birthday (I'm referring to this year as "The Obama").  My husband and I drove up to north Georgia to visit Mom.  I got to see my brother for a quick visit, and have lunch with my sister and my neice.   I took a couple of old photo albums and Mom and I had a wonderful time looking through them and reminiscing.  Staying in a retirement home doesn't sound like much of a party, but the place where Mom lives has a nice guest room with a little refrigerator and coffee maker, and it's so handy being just upstairs and down the hall from Mom.  I like putting on my jammies after dinner and walking downstairs in my slippers to hang out with Mom, watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  It almost feels like home.

3/26 = I went to a funeral for a co-worker.  He was in his late 20's, working full-time while pursuing a civil engineering degree, and he died suddenly.  My job entails speaking to co-workers on the phone for a good portion of my average workday, answering questions and making changes to schedules and trouble-shooting system problems and a million other things, and I can honestly say that out of hundreds he was my very favorite person to talk to.   Since he often called my extension directly instead of calling the queue that goes to whoever in my department is available (which is what he was supposed to do), I'm going to guess he liked talking to me, too.  He had a great sense of humor (and by that I mean he appreciated MY sense of humor, ha) and an easy laugh, and a cool accent (he was from Trinidad).   Everyone here in the office was so shocked and upset.  People gathered around his desk and cried.  Our HR department brought in a grief counselor.  I have to admit, I did end up sobbing quietly in the restroom for a few minutes.  A lot of people from our company went to his funeral, which was lovely; it focused very much on being a celebration of his life.  I will really, really miss him.

4/1 = My husband and I were at work when he got a call that his father, who'd had an accident on his fishing boat the previous weekend and hurt his right leg very badly, was being rushed back to the hospital to have surgery and could lose his leg.  We both left work and went to the hospital, very scared.  He was already in surgery when we got there, so we waited, hoping for good news.  The surgery went well, luckily the infection hadn't spread too much.  My father in law was in a motorcycle accident more than 20 years ago and lost his right arm, so he is quite glad to able to hang on to all his remaining limbs.  He had a second surgery a few days later, and will have a skin graft this week. He has a long painful recovery ahead of him.

4/4 = While making dinner our garbage disposal got clogged, and when fixing it my husband took off the pipe attached to it. Unfortunately, this pipe thingie was attached to another pipe thingie, and had apparently been pieced together with some strange elderly material that basically just disintegrated, so the pipes couldn't be put back together.  Neither of us knows the first thing about plumbing.  The next morning, my brilliant and fearless husband yanked the whole thing out and took it to Lowe's, where he managed to find something that looked like it might be the same, and brought it home and put everything together.  So, we don't know for sure whether it was actually done correctly or not, but it's working, so we're considering it fixed.  But we put a bucket under it, just in case.

4/5 am = I got sick.  I woke up in the middle of the night, a little nauseous, and within the next few hours got sicker and sicker until I... well, why don't I just be kind and spare the details?  Let's just say it was most unpleasant.  I don't know if I got some kind of bug or if I ate something that hated me, but I felt a lot better by afternoon, and was fine the next day.

4/5 pm = My poor husband's doomed birthday.  He had planned to go to the hospital for his father's second surgery, but ended up staying home to take care of me, and also to take care of the kitchen sink.  The sink and I were in similar shape, actually.  To celebrate at least a tiny bit, we ordered chinese food to be delivered, which is kind of a treat for us.  Also, I finally gave in and watched Full Metal Jacket with him, it's one of his favorite movies and I had never seen it.  It wasn't an ideal day of celebration, but it had a few nice moments.

p.s  Also, I got a scanner for my birthday!  I am extremely excited about this, since I have a buttload of old pics from forever ago, plus I have a ton of negatives -- many from my photography classes in college that I've never even printed (lab time was scarce and photo paper was expensive).  Stay tuned for old photos!  And when I say "old", I mean like from the 80's.  :D