Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update: Bread!

I wrote here about my neighbor from back home in Virginia sending me her recipe for homemade bread.

I wrote here about how I tried it, and I screwed it up.

I briefly mentioned here about how I tried it again, and screwed it up again.

The third time was the charm!  It still wasn't quite as good as hers, but it was close, and it was delicious.  

The initial little lump of dough, all set to cover with a clean dishtowel and put on top of the refrigerator to rise for an hour:

It worked!  It's risen.  Yay!

I punched it down gently and let it rise again for another hour, then put it into the loaf pan and let it rise for yet another hour (this whole deal is time-consuming).

Here it is out of the oven:

It still was a little bit more dense than her original, but it tasted so good, and it was very close to what I remember so fondly from my childhood.

Greg liked it, too.  Now I just need to write her a long letter, including those pics, to thank her and let her know I finally did it.