Monday, May 31, 2010

Staying Cool

My friend's daughter invited me to help celebrate her birthday by taking photos of her and her friends from dance class on the beach this past Saturday.  Being me, I worried about all the things I couldn't control: the light, the weather, the crowds of people going to the beach on a holiday weekend... not to even mention a big pile of girls, who are given to having their own minds.  :)  But it seemed like a really fun opportunity to be creative.

My husband came along to be my lovely assistant, toting my water bottle and tripod and helping herd the girls (and moms) along occasionally.  My reflector/diffuser that I'd hoped to use to even out the blazing noon sun on their faces ended up shading me -- he held it over my head like a little roof, keeping the sun out of my eyes and keeping me significantly cooler while I looked anxiously through the viewfinder and tried to capture each perfect moment.

Despite the sweat and the sand, I think I got a few shots that came out pretty well.  Girls at their age have their own special kind of joy.

Friday, May 7, 2010


One of the photos that I scanned recently.  I took this in 1985, when I went to see Adam Ant perform on his Vive Le Rock tour, and met up with with my fellow Antfan and pen-pal from California, Hellione, in the bus station in Virginia Beach, VA.

At the time, I didn't think I liked the look of this negative, and never bothered to go to the trouble or expense of printing it (I did all my printing myself in the school's darkroom).  But looking at it now, I kind of like it.