Saturday, October 13, 2007

B/W Pictures

Greg has been urging me to look through my pictues to convert some to black and white. It seems like every photographer has to have some b/w pictures to round out their portfolio.

I am as pretentious as the next artist, but I just really can't get much into black and white. Every now and then I think it might add poignancy or contrast-y interest, but usually I'm all about colors.

This one, though, I think looks pretty good in black and white:
In color, it's is pretty much dominated by green, I think it might look better with all the shades of gray.

This is such a strange shot, I think it's almost easier without color:
I think I like the fact that you have to sort of look closely to see the people (who are, by the way, both white people wearing black). I think the lack of color makes it more dreamy... or nightmare-y.

This one is almost black and white anyway, but I think the green of the trees reflected in the bits of glass makes it more interesting:

What do you think?