Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Favorite Websites: Lurid Digs

Maybe I am kind of a voyeur, but this site just positively fascinates me. 

I want to say immediately, this site is exceedingly Not Safe For Work.  The site is a collection of unfortunate and usually hilarious photos taken from gay male hookup websites where people post photos of themselves, typically at home, typically naked.  The often funny part is their surroundings.  It's just odd to see a naked man sprawled across a chenille bedspread festooned with sweet little stuffed animals, or standing in front of a merrily decorated Christmas tree.  What, hot sex with strangers isn't your idea of a nice Christmas?  Everybody has their own traditions, okay!  That's what makes America great.

I have to admit, sometimes the photos make me slightly sad.  To see them naked and therefore vulnerable, and to assume they are looking for companionship (for a couple of hours or for ever); sometimes the photos strike me as poignant.  That is probably just me projecting my own psychological crap onto the people in the photos.  I am not able to have a naked photo taken of myself without feeling vulnerable to the point of panic, but clearly other people enjoy it and are empowered by it, and that's fine.  I am not interested in being physically intimate with someone I am not in a loving relationship with, but other people do it all the time and that's fine too.

I guess I am the type who would prefer to watch unseen, sometimes cringing on their behalf, and sometimes giggling.  It is entirely possible that the person who puts their own self in front of the camera and then enjoys a perfectly nice hookup is better off than the one hiding.

At any rate, I love this site so much.  One more time, this site is very Not Safe For Work.  The photos show naked men, mostly just sort of standing there (some of the men are doing more "standing" than others, if you know what I mean) but the ads show full on porn.  If you do not want to see actual porn, don't click here.  NSFW Lurid Digs NSFW