Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Late

I finally finished scanning two giant old photo albums/scrapbooks that I borrowed at Christmas and need to return to my mom tomorrow.  Why did I wait until today to do it?

Well, it's just so much more dramatic fun to be able to beat myself up over not having done it sooner.

Today Greg took my car to be serviced, got two new tires and an oil change and several miscellaneous repairs that I don't understand.  I am so glad I have him to take care of me, in this vital automotive way.  I feel safe.

I haven't packed much.  I am trying to load up my iPod with as many interesting songs and podcasts as I have room for.  I'll pack everything else in the morning.

Tomorrow the alarm will go off at 6:40 am and I'll leave for north Georgia.  I need to go sleep, it's an 8-hour drive tomorrow.

I am SO looking forward to seeing my mom.  :)