Saturday, March 31, 2007

What's happening, hot stuff?

That's a great line from a funny movie: Sixteen Candles. Who doesn't love Long Duk Dong?

We recorded our very first Say Anything podcast, which can be downloaded/listened to HERE. We talked about sex, public peeing, funny drunk stories, sex, "naked time", restroom peeing, and sex.

We also played The Dollyrots, a poppy punk band... or a punky pop band, depending on how you look at it. Here's their MySpace page, if you want to check out more of their songs.

Tonight we are meeting some friends for Chinese food (they say it's MSG-free, but I am addicted, so they may have replaced the MSG with crack) and then on to Devaney's to celebrate a friend's 40th birthday. I am so happy for him! 40 rocks!

Tomorrow we have a ton of errands to run, then we are meeting my camera club mentor so I can learn more about studio lighting. One of the main things I need to learn is: How can I buy really good stuff for really freakin' cheap?

One of the things we talked about on Say Anything is being comfortable naked in front of your significant other. As the years pass with my sweetie, I am more and more comfortable, and I am now thinking of having him take pics of me naked. I mean, I don't have a perfect body, but my boobs look great. Especially for a 41-year old. I feel like their perky days are numbered, and I should preserve them for eternity jpeg images. Right?