Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Condo By the Lake... In the Sun

Hazel (our realtor) talked us into making an offer so low that I felt guilty. It was way below the asking price, and we are taking advantage of the fact that poor Georgette is elderly and desperate. Her condo has been up for sale for months, two times others made offers and then couldn't get the financing, and she has already paid to move into an assisted living home at the end of the month.

Hazel said that it was an offensive offer and we are taking advantage of her, but it's business and that's what you do. I literally had trouble sleeping last night. But we kept thinking she wouldn't just accept it, she would make a counter-offer and we would end up meeting in the middle somewhere.

But she accepted it! She was thrilled that we wanted to live there because she likes us so much, and apparently Hazel kept mentioning the fact that it's Greg's birthday... Oh, boy. I seriously want to give Georgette a present or something... like a check for $10,000.

I am so happy! I can't wait to move in! We ended up spending way less than we expected, so maybe we can afford to get new kitchen appliances sometime soon. And replace all the floors, and put in the screened-in patio in the back, and get new living room furniture.

Maybe I'll take Georgette more sunflowers at the closing. I hope nothing goes wrong, everything seems so complicated. Hazel is like a bulldog, though, I'm sure glad she's on my side. She would NEVER have let Georgette accept that offer.

I'm trying so hard not to worry about poor Georgette.

Yay, new home! :-)