Monday, May 21, 2007

My Life: A Visual

So I wandered around the house taking pictures of my life.  Why should you be interested?  I have no idea -- maybe you're not.  :)


Bettie Page in the bathroom:


A pretty mug and a duckie holding tea bags, marigold seeds and mardi gras beads in the kitchen:


Boy, THIS is my life lately, a big pile of various allergy medicines:


On the bookshelf in the living room:


Notes my  husband took to write a horror movie review:


Stuffed cow, kitty treats, light-up duckie, fingernail polish


Madame Sydney the Disdainful:


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

I woke up this morning and the smoke was (mostly) gone, the sun is shining, and the sky is blue instead of gray.  Woo hoo!

I have settled into a routine of taking Allegra (non-ephedrine formula) twice a day, Patanol eye drops twice a day, and Sudafed (30 mg of ephedrine) whenever I get really stopped up, usually 3-4 times a day.  The Allegra-D has 120 mg of ephedrine, which is just waaaaay too much.   For now, at least, this combination seems to be working pretty well, although the freakin' smoke going away forever would help a lot, too.

Next steps on the photography list: 
* figure out how to use iWeb (I think I will take the free class at the Apple store in the FL Mall) and set up a website
* buy a reflector and learn how to use it correctly to fill in shadows for outdoors portraits
* buy the magical, secret professional Photoshop portrait filter
* take a whole big pile of really impressive portfolio-type pictures, ASAP!

Today at work has been relatively calm, yay.  Lately there have been a bunch of really busy, stressful days (boo). 

Instead of eating lunch today, I took a walk around the parking lot (not exactly scenic, but one loop all the way around = 1 mile) while listening to this on my iPod.  Warning to those who might dare to listen -- they say negative things about Ellen Degeneris' stand-up act!  I LOVE ELLEN!   I actually saw her perform live at the Bob Carr, a long time ago, when her show "These Friends of Mine" had aired a few times but hadn't yet been picked up and converted to just "Ellen".  This was even before she was a lesbian, although the audience was packed with mullety vest-wearing womyn... and me. She was great!  Did I mention that I love her?

So, I'm at work for approx 3.5 more hours, then 45-minute drive home to my sweetie, my kitty, my DVR with last night's Heroes, tonight's Deadliest Catch, tonight's American Idol, and a healthy snack.  Or maybe pretzels and beer...  :) 

Saturday, May 12, 2007


It's been a while since my last blog... What's been going on with me?

1) Allergies trying to kill me, unable to sleep due to constant sneezing and nose-blowifying, unable to be happy due to torturous nasal chaos. Trying new medication.
First medication = way more expensive, only very slightly more effective than original medicine, which was doing nothing at all.
Second medication = buttload of ephedrine = me in a cold, sweaty, jittery coma; no allergy symptoms, but so not worth it.
Third medication = less ephedrine, no antihistamine, still some allergy symptoms, life is relatively livable again.

2) Met with professional photographer chickie to get some guidance. She was very cool, very intelligent, very helpful.

3) Went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, still in Second Medication haze, unable to do anything all night except cuddle with her dog. Did really enjoy the friendly doggie, though.

4) Went to Flea Market in Mt. Dora last Sunday, trying out Medication Three. Had lunch with lovely friends, bought a cool bracelet and a cool Ralph Steadman poster and a cool John Grisham book (shut up -- I like John Grisham), had a yummy dinner with friends. Love good friends, love good food, love good flea markets!

5) Sat around the house after work every day last week watching Star Trek: Voyager and drinking chardonnay. What is the significance of this sad practice, you ask? If I came home from work every night and watched nothing but Voyager, it means my sweetie was out of town.

6) Am sitting around the house after work this week watching Voyager and drinking pinot grigio. Again. *sigh* That Chakotay guy is looking better and better with each passing episode. And our DVR is getting really full...

7) Recorded more Say Anything podcasts. I am seriously enjoying making our podcasts! We always end up laughing, and we often end up talking about sex.

8) Misc. daily activities such as cleaning, going to work, watering plants, choking on all the smoke in the air, doing a rain dance, etc.

No one catch on fire, okay?