Monday, April 24, 2006


We are having the final walk-through of our new condo on Thursday afternoon, then we close on Friday morning.

I am thinking about bringing flowers to Georgette at the closing. She's so sweet. I wonder if she will bring her daughter to the closing? Her daughter is visiting from Spain.

After the closing, we are going out for Thai food with Hazel. Hazel is from China, she came to America in 1989 from Hong Kong, when it was still a British territory. Funnily enough, that's the same year I went to the summer publishing program at NYU and then moved to Orlando from VA. I guess Greg would have been a sophomore in High School. :)

We have the new floors all set to go in as soon as we close, we have the movers set to move us next Thursday, we have the new furniture being delivered next Friday, we have OUC set to turn off at the old place and Fl Power set to turn on at the new place, we have everything taken care of... I hope. I'm trying really hard not to get all stressy. It's exciting! And scary. I'm looking forward to it! Especially after the moving is over.