Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quick Update with 2 NOLA pics

Mom is better.  Her side still hurts, but she can sleep and bathe and get around normally, just with extra pain and achiness.  She's been taking Bayer Back and Body aspirin for the pain, but she's going to try to stop taking it today.  It's not addictive, but she just hates taking anything.  Good grief.

Annoyingly, I sent her two New Orleans postcards and one greeting card stuffed with pics of me and Greg in New Orleans, and they all arrived on the same day.  I deliberately space out mailing things to her so that she'll get mail more often -- many days she gets nothing and it disappoints her, she so loves getting mail -- and very often they all arrive together.  I suppose I need to mail one thing, wait until she gets it, then mail the next thing.

Here are a couple of photos from New Orleans: the first is Jackson Square, Greg is talking to one of the artists. The second is one of at least two silver buskers we saw.  We regret not asking: Why silver?  Now we notice that there's even one in the new Popeye's commercial.

Jackson Square

Silver guy