Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

Greg and I went to our friend's party last night.  In the decade that we've been together, we've spent new year's eve at parties, hanging out with friends and even spent a couple of years at home just watching tv (including last year). Last night we actually had invitations to three different parties, which made us feel unreasonably popular.

Our friend Sue is a great hostess.  I actually wasn't feeling so great yesterday and seriously considered staying home, but Greg said that even though he was willing to go the party alone he was sure he would have a 75% better time if I went.  So I went.  I mean, he'd done the math.

There was a lot of good food and good champagne.  We got to spend time having conversations with several of our very favorite people.  I heard how a friend's medical problems are still bothering her, how  another friend's parents reacted when he came out to them, and learned a new way to tie a scarf.

Greg and I have lost so much weight we are 2 sizes smaller, so we went shopping last weekend and bought some new jeans.  Greg looked super great in his new jeans and new shoes, and was happy wearing the cool Chainsaw Massacre t-shirt that used to be too small for him.

Sue had left her laptop out in the living room still logged into Facebook, which was too tempting for Greg, who posted as her:  I love Greg, he is the awesomest person ever. His new skinny jeans and kicks are hawt. Oh yeah, Ellen is pretty cool too.

I spent an inordinate amount of time by myself, wandering around taking photos with my phone of things like Sue's pretty light in her dining room, and having conversations with other people on Twitter.

Doesn't the house look cozy and warm from the outside?

We hung out around a fire outside.  The weather here in Florida was in the 50's, so just chilly enough to enjoy a fire without being too uncomfortably cold.

It was a good party and I'm glad I went.  Happy new year!