Monday, July 10, 2006

UFC 61: Bitter Rivals

On Saturday night we went to Gator's Dockside to see the UFC 62 pay-per-view, in what we thought must be a misguided attempt to save money. The PPV costs $40, we figured we would have to spend that much on food/beer. But we only spent $30, so we saved $10, bitches!

The fights were actually surprisingly dull. The main event (in my mind, anyway) was Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock. I loathe the Ken Shamrock, and quite like the Tito. Obviously, the younger, hotter Tito was destined to win, hopefully in a humiliating fashion. My former favorite ref Herb Dean chose to stop the fight controversially quickly, though, and this is coming from the chick who is always screaming at the tv for referees to stop the fights sooner -- I am always so worried about someone getting hurt. But a a few elbow shots from Tito, which weren't defended as quickly as Herb apparently would have liked, and the fight was over in less than 2 minutes. It was a pretty good fight, and I don't know that it should have been stopped so quickly.

I was glad to see Frank Mir return after being injured, although he has gained approx. 600 pounds. He held up really well though, came back with new energy in the third round, and won. I bet a few more months of recovery and training and he'll be back at his former peak-of-physical-hotness weight.

We really liked hanging out with Gary, who wore a very attractive pirate-y skull and crossbones do-rag (and was, shockingly, the only one there wearing one). We also really liked his girlfriend, who we both really feel like we know from somewhere, but can't think where.

Overall, it was so much fun watching a mixed martial arts event with other fans. We want to go back for UFC 62 on August 26th!

Things to do differently next time:

1) Arrive 3-4 hours early

2) Immediately order enough food/drinks to last through the night

3) Greg will wear makeup and women's clothing in an effort to avoid the lines in the men's room (no lines in the women's room for UFC sporting events, due to the pitiful lack of female fans)

4) Wear UFC t-shirts ordered online, thereby making us look (in comparison to college kids) not only older, but sadly geekier

5) Ask management to turn on closed captioning, so we don't miss anything when the yelling gets too loud

6) Impose our will