Thursday, January 31, 2013


Mom has been in her new assisted living apartment for a few days now, and seems happy.  The nurses, who she says are very nice, help her to the dining room for meals and help her bathe and help her dress and undress.

She said her new home is smaller than her old one but big enough.  She sounds like she's trying to be really positive and cheerful on the phone, which I take as a giant improvement over being sad and panicky and in pain.

Her tv doesn't work, the maintenance guy has been by yesterday and today to try to fix it but hasn't been able to figure it out.  I'm hoping my brother and his wife will go visit again soon, they both are good at fixing that kind of thing.

The weird thing is the meals.  The nurses have been helping her go to the dining room, but she said the big room is nearly empty.  There were, she told me, six people at lunch today and eight at dinner.  At lunch she sat with a woman, they introduced themselves to each other, then the woman never spoke again.  Mom is convinced that only a few people live there, which seems unlikely.  I'm afraid maybe it's full of people who are not able to leave their apartments.

Mom had a parade of people visiting her in the two days before she left her old apartment, everyone there just loved her so much.  They were all so social, trading newspapers and making copies of crossword puzzles and bringing each other fruit from the big bowl outside the kitchen.  Actually, one of Mom's closest friends, Mickie, called her today.

I hate to think there may not be any possibility of friends or a social circle for Mom to be a part of.  I know this place has activities and chapel services and whatnot, which would imply they have residents who participate.

My sister is still looking into getting a motorized wheelchair or scooter for Mom that would make it easier for her to get around.  She really does seem to be so much better now, except for her trouble walking.  Her pain from the cracked sternum and broken vertebrae seems to be minimal now, and she's been sleeping well and eating more.

I am just massively relieved.  I've been calling her twice a day, and she just sounds fine every time I talk to her.  I sent her a pretty card in the mail, I hope she gets it quickly.  I'm thinking about sending her some flowers.