Sunday, August 5, 2012

Starting My New Job Tomorrow

Well, my summer vacation is over.

The first whole day is just an orientation deal.  That's interesting, they certainly didn't have that at my old company.  I don't know how paranoid I should be about posting about my new job, so I will refrain from saying the name of the company. I will say that it is a huge hotel chain, one of the largest on the planet. BIG company, much bigger than my old one. I will be working with the timeshare division. Hopefully one thing I'll learn tomorrow is how the employee discount for hotel rooms works, that could certainly come in very handy.

On Tuesday I'll start my actual job job. I'm pretty nervous. I don't even know where the restroom is. This company is doing so well that they moved into this new building just a few months ago, and already they are outgrowing it, which means that the guy who will be my boss couldn't even tell me where I would be working. I might have an office, I might be stuck in the middle of the call center. I hope they can find someplace at least a little quiet and a little private.

It's kind of a terrifying thing to start a new job, but especially after so freakin' long at one place.  It's been forever since I started all over with a whole new place. It's weird, though, I kind of feel like I got sucked into a black hole at my last job. I never intended to stay there for so, so, so long, and I was never especially happy about it. I feel like I have finally broken free. Now I have a good resume and profiles on multiple job hunting sites, so I am trying to think of this new opportunity as a step, not as a place to stay till I die.

I'm still nervous, though. I'll just feel more comfortable when I know how it'll be.