Saturday, September 28, 2013


His melancholy head tilt is deceptive, he's actually
looking at a kitty on the floor and making scritchy noises
on the couch to get her to jump up beside him

He's gone from weighing 240 pounds to 160.

He's gone from not exercising to being a runner.

He's gone from never seeing a dentist in his life to having a dental routine that includes an electric toothbrush, flossing, mouthwash and twice-yearly dentist visits.

He's gone from daily back pain and daily giant ibuprofen pills to daily back-strengthening exercises, and maintenance chiropractor visits a couple of times a year.

He's gone from never seeing a doctor to having yearly checkups and taking daily vitamins/supplements (not to mention impressing the doctor with his weight loss and the improvement in his back:  "I tell people to lose weight and exercise, but they never actually DO it").

He's gone from being a fan of exploitation and horror movies to being the webmaster of his own popular genre website.

He's gone from saying he doesn't know how to write to having his reviews sought out by movie companies and quoted on DVD boxes/ads.

He's inspiring.  He takes care of himself in a way that his parents never did, he created a website that is respected in the industry, he works hard every day to be a healthy, creative person, in addition to working hard every day at a stressful, unrewarding full time job.

He's my sweetie, and on October 1 we will have been married ten years.  I can honestly say that he is more handsome, healthier and cooler now that he was then.  And I love him even more.