Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Right Now

It's my husband's birthday.  We took a few days off work to celebrate, just like we did last month for my birthday.

Saturday we went to Costco and ran errands and got things done.

Sunday morning we went with two good friends to the drag queen gospel brunch at a local restaurant: Bananas, and it was a lot of fun.  Sunday night Greg made pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese, spinach, rotisserie chicken and artichokes, and afterwards we watched a good movie.

Monday, unfortunately, he had to go to the dentist to have three small cavities filled.  This is not a good birthday activity, but he insisted since he already had the day off work.  He had never had cavities filled before, but everything went fine.

Today is his 37th birthday, and I told him he needed to do whatever made him happy all day long.  He started the day by sleeping late, then got up and made us omelets (using more of the fresh mozzarella, the spinach, and mushrooms).  He checked Facebook, watched an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, read an X-Men graphic novel, and is now taking a nap.

It's very stormy here today.  I had to run out into the rain earlier to retrieve our trash can lid, which had blown a block away.  It's still windy and thundery outside, so it's great napping weather.

When he wakes up (assuming he sleeps long enough, anyway) I'll have a birthday cake just coming out of the oven for him.  It's a happy day!