Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hoarder Guy Update

Well, I guess I should have given him the benefit of the doubt, because a few weeks of trash pickups and now the back area looks like this:
No sign of sad litter box memories

I spoke to him once when I ran into him outside and he apologized for the mess.  No problem, I said!  Of course, I've already blogged about you and put photos of your shame on the internet.  (Heh.  Not really.)

He apparently works for the government and has been out of the country, and has been trying to clear out storage units from long ago.  He did mention that he wants to find a pet, and I very strongly encouraged him to go to the Humane Society instead of pet stores.  

Now that there is at least a chance that he's not a hoarder, I guess we'll have to give Hoarder Guy a new name.  This bit of weirdness strikes me as extremely hilarious, for a person living in Florida, so now I think I will call him Snow Shovel Guy.

WTF, yo?