Friday, December 9, 2005


Well, not exactly, he's fine now.

He was flying back today from El Paso, connecting in San Antonio, on Southwest (the airline that accidentally killed a 6 year old boy yesterday). I pulled up the flight status page on their site, and checked it every half hour or so while working away in my little cubicle. He called me from the El Paso airport, told me about the egg and ham breakfast sandwich he had at the airport. He was all settled in at the "A" line, reading the new Neil Gaiman book. He felt a little sick, maybe a sinus infection. The flight went fine.

He called me from the San Antonio airport, his flight into Orlando was slightly ahead of schedule.

A couple of hours later I check the website and the flight is gone off the page, with a little * note to call the airline for more information.


I call, and in the course of the next 3 people I speak with, learn that the flight is making an emergency landing in New Orleans. They won't tell me much more than that, although a supervisor in the Customer Relations department in their home office in Dallas tells me she thinks it has something to do with a medical emergency.

They won't even tell me what time the plane is supposed to land in New Orleans, just that whenever it gets there it will land immediately due to the crisis.


I call Greg's cell phone, and of course, get his voicemail... I leave a message saying I'mreallyfreakingoutpleasecallmeassoonasyoucan!

I told my supervisor that I had to leave. I wasn't quite crying in the office, but I was pretty close. I kept telling myself everything was fine and there was only a tiny, tiny chance that anything bad was happening to my sweetie.

But I didn't believe myself! I am often full of crap!

So I start to drive home, and about 15 minutes later he calls. He's fine, an older woman on board had some kind of heart problem, and he's FINE.

The weird thing is, I got the feeling that my co-workers thought I was overreacting to leave work just because I was worried about my husband's possible... I don't know... medical emergency? Death due to a terrible plane catastrophe? Whatever, it just seemed really scary to me.

Anyway, three hours later he was home... best hug ever!