Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Tense.

Hurricane Isaac is turning more and more westward, which is good news for us here in Orlando. However, my husband has to go drive his delivery truck all over Tampa tomorrow, which will be getting the outer bands of the storm. He can tell me that he knows how to stay safe, and he won't do anything dangerous, and his company won't ask him to do anything dangerous, but the truth of those statements don't help at all. He was already in for a pretty crappy week, with all the Republican National Convention traffic, and now I'm just glad that he has a vacation day on Friday so it's at least a short week.

I did make progress last week at work, verifying that those six sections should be combined into one, and I got that done. I'm getting closer to actually having to forecast how many agents will be needed and when, and actually start putting together schedules. I did do this at my last job, but not frequently, and not on the same scale as this. Part of my brain feels pretty confident that I can do it and do it well, but part of my brain just wishes it were done already so I can stop feeling like there's a cloud of potential doomy failure hanging over me.

On Thursday afternoon I was moved me to a new area at work, a much larger cubicle in a very quiet department in a building across the road from the call center.  They really did listen to my complaints and they worked to find a solution, an empty space in a technical department. Everyone there is very quiet and not overly friendly; I got there early Friday morning and said "Good morning!" to the first couple of people who came in, but when they both just looked at the floor and mumbled "morning" at me without looking up or introducing themselves I kind of gave up. They are certainly not the outgoing sales people that I was surrounded by in the call center. I was doing tedious work all day Friday, having to go back and manually combine the historical call data for all six of those sections, for every day, for thirteen weeks. I don't know, maybe I'll get used to the silence and the people, but for now I kind of miss the energy of the call center.

Here's a picture I took with my iPhone on the way home from work one day last week, at 4:30pm. The sky doesn't look like that today, it's been that solid gray that, for people up North, means snow.