Sunday, April 8, 2007


It's so interesting, listening to myself on our Say Anything podcast #2. I said "literally" around 4 thousand times... I think I need to work on that. :)

When I actually started telling the story of losing my virginity, I remembered so clearly how I felt back then and the person I was then, and I kind of reverted to my 19-year old self a little bit. When Jen and Debe described their virginity-losing moments, they went into specific anatomical hymen-ripping detail, and I really kind of got embarrassed and glossed over the sex part of my story.

I did go into greater detail about being cheated on by an old boyfriend (we'll call him X). Ha! I remember very well how I felt then, too, and the person I was. I feel grateful for the experience, frankly, because I learned so much about myself, about life in general, and about relationships.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my husband? :)

One cool thing that happened recently is that I found my old friends Chris and Colleen! Colleen is X's sister, Chris is her husband, and we were pretty close back in the olden days when X and I were together. I babysat their daughter, we hung out a lot, etc. When I broke up with X, I completely lost contact with Chris and Colleen. This was years ago, and I have been thinking about them ever since, and wondering what their lives were like.

I Googled them recently, and found them! Here is Chris' Death By Kids blog. He's such a great writer, he's very funny in person (as I recall) and his stories are hilarious. We've sent a few emails back and forth, and I am so utterly delighted to be back in touch!

My experience with my photography mentor guy was amazing, and extremely helpful. I now know exactly what I need/want... All I need now is to figure out how to pay for it. My wonderful husband wants to use the money we had planned to spend to go to the Rue Morgue Festival of Fear, which is the largest horror convention in the world. Last year more than 40,000 people attended, and they have guests like Clive Barker... Greg is completely obsessed with horror stuff, and knows a lot of people who are going to attend, and has been looking forward to it. I don't want to cancel this trip! So, we'll have to find some sort of compromise.

Can I just mention one more time, though, how much I love my husband? :)

Maybe I'll start buying lottery tickets...