Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Little Orange

Well, it was sure nice not to have any car payments, and to have two cars that were paid off.  But then Greg's Matrix had to have the transmission replaced, so...

Anyway, now we have a new car payment, but we LOVE our new little car.  It's a 2013 Prius C, which is the smallest Prius.  We average around 60 miles per gallon each day on our commute.  We took lil' orange up to Georgia on our road trip to visit Mom, and got around 45 miles per gallon.  Plus, it connects to our iPhones with bluetooth, and being able to use the car to make/receive a phone call or listen to music we stream from an app is the coolest thing ever.

Why orange?  We picked it out online and the color was called Habanero, which looked red.  Then we saw it, and it's not red.  I was kind of appalled, but Greg loved it immediately, and it really grew on me.  It's certainly easy to spot in a parking lot!