Sunday, September 8, 2013

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

The weekend before last Greg and I went to GA to visit Mom.

She seems to be doing really well, overall.  She gets tired easily, but we still went and had lunch at IHOP one day, and Red Lobster another.  She seems to be doing pretty well in the assisted living place, although the food there has gotten markedly worse in the past few months.  This was my third visit, and the first where I thought the food wasn't good at all, ever.

Mom really, really didn't want us to complain about it on her behalf, and she's hoping it gets better when they finish some building renovations they're in the middle of.  I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I suppose it's possible.  My sister keeps taking her things like grapes and bananas and snacks and ice cream, so whenever the food is really terrible Mom just comes back to her apartment and eats.

It was wonderful to give Mom hugs, and to tell her that I love her, and to find little things to do for her around her apartment, and to just hang out with her reading the paper or watching tv.

It's always so hard to leave.  I'm hoping I can work it out to go for another quick visit before Greg and I both go back for Christmas.

Last weekend I had to work on Sunday, because I do a payroll report that has to be turned in on the first.  Regardless of what day of the week the first is, or if it's on a holiday weekend.  I didn't stay the whole day, so it wasn't too bad, I guess.

The days are counting down for our trip to New Orleans.  I am getting into listing mode:  I have lists of things to pack, restaurants to go to, sights to see.  We just started watching Treme, and so far we like it a lot.  It's a typically well-made HBO series, but it is actually filmed in New Orleans, and focuses quite a lot on music.

Sometimes I think the looking forward in anticipation part is the best part.  :)