Friday, April 6, 2012


She's here!  We brought her home after work on Wednesday.

We have a front sun room that has a sliding glass door and we set up her little kitten stuff out there, to keep her separated from Sydney.

Alabama exploring her new home

The next morning we took her to the vet.  Her mother was a 9 month old stray cat, so we were a little worried about feline leukemia and other scary diseases, but little Alabama checked out just fine.  She yowled a bit in the car, but did very good with the exam.

Alabama exploring the vet's office

She does have fleas, unfortunately, so we are keeping her in her own little room until we can make sure they are all gone.  She seems comfortable and happy.

Kittens don't need no stinkin' gravity!

She can be a bit talkative, which is interesting since Sydney, being a Siamese, talks a lot.  It could get pretty noisy up in here.

Did I hear someone say catnip?!

She seems very intelligent, and she's been energetic and playful and friendly. Sydney has hissed at her a few times from the other side of the sliding glass door, and she just calmly looks at Sydney like, What's up?  She ate her kitten food and drank her water and used her tiny litter box right away.  It was like she was just waiting for us to come and get her.

Overall it was a great birthday present for Greg, his heart is completely and utterly taken by this tiny little ball of fluff.