Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The WMM Initiative

So far this year I am doing pretty well with my new Watch More Movies initiative. 
Why the movie focus?
  1. Our new 50" Samsung plasma tv.  Mere words cannot adequately describe the gorgeousness.  It is a giant, high-definition, immersive experience unlike our last tv (which was also HD, though smaller and with a much lower refresh rate.)
  2. The new Blu-ray player.  Now we can watch streaming Netflix movies right on the awesome tv, it's super easy, and they look great.  I love technology  :)
  3. Being inspired by friends who watch way, way, way more movies than I do.  Including one (1) friend in Canada who watches at least a movie or two or three or more every single day.  How does he do that?  He does it by not having tv or internet.  When I think of how much time during an average week I spend watching tv shows and being online... yikes. I mean, look; here I am online right now.
  4. Despite how inventive and creative some tv shows are getting (especially the ones on premium cable networks, such as Boardwalk Empire and Dexter) I think movies are still more of an art form, and I want to spend more time watching movies and less time watching tv shows. 
So far I've watched:

12/31 = The Matrix (new remastered version on Blu-ray packaged in a cute little book filled with interesting info about the movie, a Christmas present from Greg)
One of my all-time favorite movies. I actually saw it several times in the theatre, plus I watched it a few times on VHS, then I watched the DVD a time or two, and now clearly The Matrix+Blu-ray prettiness=love.  The Matrix is a classic that genuniely thrills me every single time with the cool techno music, the fascinating storyline about the nature of reality, and, obviously, the cutie-pie Mr. Neo.

1/1 =  Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Netflix Blu-ray disc)
This movie really surprised me.  I have never seen anything like it, as far as I know it is completely unique and utterly creative.  I feel like I spent the whole movie either staring wide-eyed, or laughing. Very fun.

1/8 = The Kids Are All Right (Netflix Blu-ray disc)
I thought this movie was just beautifully written and perfectly acted.  Annette Bening was so lost in her character that I didn't even recognize her at first.  Greg thought it was a bit boring, but still enjoyed it.  It's very character-driven and explores relationships, probably the kind of movie that typically appeals more to women.

1/9 = Exit Through the Gift Shop (Netflix streaming)
A documentary partly about graffitti artists back in the 80's and 90's, partly about one specific man who videotaped and befriended them, partly about pop culture and its influence on art, partly about the definition of art and of the artistic process. Greg and I are still talking about this one, days later.  And still disagreeing about a few points, which makes for more interesting conversations!

  • Inception (Netflix Blu-ray disc), came in the mail today.  We are really looking forward to the sweet special effects.
  • Purple Rain (brand new sooper-dooper remastered Blu-ray, also a present from Greg)
  • True Grit (theatre) was one of my father's favorite movies, and I've never seen the original. I hope we can make time to go see a matinee this weekend.
  • Jane Eyre (in theatres this March) is one of my all-time favorite books, and I am thrilled that this new movie version will apparently be emphasizing the spooky and Gothic elements instead of just another boring period romance.  Lots of juicy suffering and passion! 
  • Is it too early to start looking forward to Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows movie?  I think not.  Eeeee.  :)