Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Turkey-head Ducks and Cardinals

It is nice to walk around at home and know that it's all ours! Right out back behind our little back yard -- practically IN our back yard -- is a pretty little lake with a fountain. I seriously can't wait to screen in our back patio, it'll be so peaceful and relaxing. We can watch the ugly turkey-head ducks (although, according to the head of the condo association, we are not allowed to feed them), we can admire the lovely hibiscus blooms, we can say hello to any elderly neighbors that might happen by. Plus we are planning to install a kitty door, so we can put the litter box out there... yay. The other people's screened-in patios look pretty big, so it would really add a lot of space.

I just realized today that I left my Marjolein Bastin cardinal decorative bell hanging on my ex-apartment porch. Dag. My Mom & Dad have one just like it, and it was kind of neat to have matching ones. I love cardinals especially, I remember seeing the bright red males and the pretty brown females often when I was growing up. They are the state bird of Virginia, you know... Of course you knew!

I love waking up in the morning and hearing birds singing, instead of motorcycles revving. I can't wait until my sweetie comes back home and we can go for walks every night when I get home from work. it's so quiet and peaceful.

So during the horror of moving, we went off our "diet" a little. One night we went to Steak & Shake and I got a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich and french fries, and he got a bacon cheeseburger. Anyone who eats healthy will know what happened next. As it turns out, eating grease was not much of a time-saver in the end (so to speak).

A day or so later we got a pizza, and it didn't even bother us. I guess our stomachs re-adjusted to greasy grossness pretty quickly. Then, just purely to comfort myself on Sunday when he had to leave town, I got KFC. Oh, the shame.

So, all in all, I gained one pound back of the 18 pounds I had lost. Given all the stress, I am just going to call it even and start anew. Monday, yesterday and today I ate really well, so hopefully I will start losing again.

Boy, that KFC was good though...