Friday, November 8, 2013

Out of town

I'm in Indianapolis for work-related training.  Last Sunday night I flew up here and this afternoon I'm flying back to wonderful, warm, comforting Orlando.

It's so freaking cold here.  I went to Penny's and got a winter coat last weekend so I was prepared, but I just dislike it so much.  The way the cold wind scrapes across my face, my breath freezing in the air in front of me, people scraping ice off their cars, my nose running. Give me heat and humidity any day over this.

I'm taking a certification training class to learn the new workforce component of the fancy phone system that will be installed soon.  This dealie is replacing the system I have worked with for over a decade, and while there are many similarities it's not the same.  And nothing can replace having a buttload of experience; whenever anything weird happens in my current system I just know what to do, but now I'm starting all over from scratch.

It's okay.  I'm staying positive, or at least trying to.  And this time tomorrow I'll be back at home.

HOME.  *sigh*

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