Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Hope They Catch a Lot of Fish

Greg's father lives in the Tampa Bay area and is an expert fisherman.  Recently he started operating a charter fishing service.

Greg's dad called Greg and said, "Hey, do you know who Rob Halford is?  He just booked a fishing trip with me."

Greg said, "Rob Halford?  You mean the lead singer of Judas Priest?  Going fishing with you?  THE Rob Halford?"

It is, in fact, the Rob Halford, lead singer of the famous British band who arguably invented heavy metal. They are on tour, will be stopping in Tampa on Wednesday 11/30, and apparently wanted to do some fishing.

Judas Priest

Greg's dad: "He said he can give me some kind of passes, backstage or VIP or something, but I'm not going to go.  Do you and Ellen want them?"

Greg:  "OH MY GOD!!"

So I was able to take Wednesday and Thursday off work, and will be going to see Judas Priest.  We have no real idea exactly what we are getting, if it'll be concert tickets or VIP tickets or backstage passes or what, but it'll be an exciting adventure, I'm sure.

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