Saturday, September 3, 2011

Say Something Nice

A group called Improv Everywhere put a lectern with a megaphone and a sign that said "Say Something Nice" in New York City, allowing passersby to say whatever they wanted, and videotaped the results.  The whole story with photos is here:  Improv Everywhere.

Some people just walked by and looked, some took a photo of the lectern, one guy said literally "something nice", but a lot of people said "I love you", or "have a great day".   Some people got more creative, and played guitar or sang.

I just love this.  I don't watch the news because it's needlessly upsetting to me, but I do listen to NPR every day, and lately that has been just as upsetting.  Sometimes I need a reminder that people are, in general, pretty neat.

(There is a short commercial before the video, sorry)

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