Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look Who Works In The 7-11

A real live Death Eater!  My goodness, they are everywhere.  

Other than the obvious negative attributes one has to assume of all Death Eaters (being evil, serving the Dark Lord, disliking the super awesome Neville Longbottom, being mean to Harry Potter, etc.) this particular Death Eater seemed quite nice.  She sold me my Coke Zero and my sunflower seeds quickly and efficiently, and if any evildoings happened while I was in the 7-11, I was unaware.


  1. i do sort of wonder why one would get the deatheater tat, though. not judging. just wondering. me, i'd sooner go for the sword of gryffindor.

  2. The sword would make a nice tattoo. I've seen a couple of people with golden snitch tattoos that were lovely. If I were to get an HP tattoo I think I'd go for something a little more cheerful than the dark mark, myself. Also not judging :)

    Funnily enough, that day I happened to be wearing my Death Eater t-shirt with the very same image on it, so she pulled up her sleeve and showed me her tattoo. I had to get a pic (this is why I love camera phones).

  3. the snitch! yes, that would be lovely.


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