Friday, January 7, 2011

I've Finally Gotten My Head Back

From whatever evil monster had taken it away to migraine-land.  That ended up lasting more than a week, which is way, way too long.  Oh, the giddiness when my poor head was finally pain-free!

Update on Donna:  I still haven't called.  I know, I'm a big wuss.  I did, however, compose a script to read, just in case I get her voicemail.  "Hi Donna!  This is Ellen... remember me?  I was just hoping to chat for a few minutes and catch up. I miss you!  It seems like it's just been forever.  Hopefully everything is good and you all had nice holidays.  If you get a minute, you can call me back sometime!  I'm at 000-000-0000.  That's my home number.  Or, I'll just try you back later.  Talk to you soon!"  I figured I'd be better off mentioning the possibility of me calling her back instead of asking her to call me.

Update on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter:  It's still there, doing fabulously.  They sold their millionth butterbeer this week.  I am considering having my yearly visit on my birthday this year, March 17.

Update on Mr. Marigold: Despite having to bring him inside twice due to below freezing temperatures and frost (WTF?  This is Florida! Dammit) he is happy and is blooming yellowly.

Update on Mom: She is doing fine and we had a wonderful Christmas visit.  She loved the calendar I got her (Robert Tuckwiller, who paints scenes from... well, apparently from my childhood.  Looking at this calendar makes me homesick), and we had our traditional breakfast for dinner at IHOP the night of our arrival.  Yesterday she had a hand-held shower and a bench installed in her bath, so she can bathe in the shower while sitting down.  I know it's going to take some getting used to, but I think she'll be much happier, and safer.

I didn't have much ability, stuck in the vise grip of a migraine, to think about resolutions for the new year.  Eat healthy, lose weight, exercise, yadda yadda yadda.  Don't I say that every year, with widely varying levels of success?   Whatever.  Really, I want to watch more movies.  I want to WRITE. I want to spend more time outdoors. I want to see friends and family more often.

Most importantly: I want to get a pedicure!


  1. Here is my plan for Ellen time:

    1. Healthy Food
    2. RHPS (Movies)
    3. Take notes on weirdos that are present.
    4. Write a poem about them
    5. Harry Potter Whirl (Outdoors)

    I cannot get a pedicure with you, cause it will screw up my dancing feet. :(

  2. so glad it was good with your mom.

    my mom uses the bath bench and it makes her feel so much safer and able to do for herself.

  3. Hi Ellen, great update post but I am so sorry to hear about the have my deepest empathy. Happy news that they went away (finally). I hear you in that there's nothing like being sick to make you appreciate health!!! When we drove home from my dad's last weekend (a drive we've been making bi monthly for over twenty years) I kept exclaiming at how pretty the ocean green the blue the sky...yada yada yada. Maybe that's the purpose of such open our eyes..hmmm.

    Well, I'm off now to do ear drops. :)
    More soon my friend.


  4. JackiOh ~ We really do need to go see Rocky Horror again, and I look forward to reading your poem about the Rich (and other) Weirdos. Why can't dancers get pedicures, though?

    Angella ~ Thanks! She is still getting used to it, but I am glad she has it.

    Tracey ~ Yes, that's exactly it, the absence of crushing pain was positively joyful! Hope your ears are better. :)

  5. Pedicure....mmmm. I have a gift certificate and just need to make the time. My toes do not need to be seen in sandals these days.
    Glad all is good in your world:)

  6. Hi Wooz! I have a gift certificate too, for a massage and pedicure; Greg got it for me for Christmas. I made my appointment for February 3, and I am REALLY looking forward to it :D

  7. Glad the migraine is gone! May it lose its way the next time it tries to find you! Wishing you much good writing and movies!


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