Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finding the Humor in Hairballs

I woke up early this morning (maybe it was the middle of the night?) shivering. As my sleepy self tried to wake up, I groped around looking for my blanket, and I realized that somehow the sheet and the comforter and the blanket had all gotten turned down, I was completely uncovered to my waist.

Brr! I pulled everything back up and snuggled down, and after a few minutes I was warm again and went back to sleep.

A couple of hours later the alarm went off, and I stood up and put my glasses on. I looked down at the bed, and saw... a big kitty puke hairball on my blanket, right above where I was sleeping!

So my cat vomited up a hairball ON ME while I was sleeping, then covered it up by pulling the covers down off of me.

Oh my goodness. Being barfed ON is so much worse than the dreaded getting-up-to-pee-and-stepping-in-puke-in-the-dark moment. I had honestly never considered that I would be puked UPON.

I had to laugh, standing there looking at my hairball-encrusted blanket. Ugh.

So in the spirit of laughing at my tragic misfortune, I happily accept the Lemonade Award!

This award was given to me by Deborah on her beautiful silk painting blog. She seems to think I have a positive attitude! :)

I love her blog. She writes about her silk painting artistry, and posts lovely pictures of her work. She is a big part of what inspired me to get back into silk painting, 10 years after having stopped. I love silk painting, and I love Deborah!

Ack, I do sound pretty positive... I am clearly losing my punk edge. I need to dig out my old Decline of the Western Civilization soundtrack.

I am nominating the lovely horror-stricken Marniekat to pass this Lemonade award on to. She is a loving wife and mother and makes beautiful jewelry, much of it horror inspired. I particularly love her Dexter pieces, and the Twilight necklace with the two red beads at the neck to symbolize blood drops from a vampire bite. :) Check out her Etsy store.

A kitty puke hairball necklace would be scarier, but I would totally not buy that, as I already have PLENTY.


  1. Too funny Ellen! I'm sure kitty was just giving you a gift out of love! (better you than me though... lol)

    Looking forward to seeing some new silk painting pix!

  2. LOL. are hilarious...made my morning!! Great story.

  3. Thank you so much for the Lemonade Award!

    Oh... my friend, I can feel your pain. We don't have cats anymore because Mr. B is allergic but we have a dog and he likes to eat and throw up socks. Whole.

    However today was a much different scenario. Check my blog for the deets. I'm sure it will make you feel even better about your hairball incident. ;)


  4. I don't think Daisy has actually ever puked on me, but she has puked in her own bed, and then of course meowed like crazy until I found the mess and washed the bedding and put it all back nice and comfy for her! Our cats! We are so lucky they have us.


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