Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Dad Sent Me An Iris

I think things are getting a bit better now, but the past couple of months have been hard. Greg hurt his back pretty severely a month ago, and he is just now able to move around. He'll finally be going back to work tomorrow.

I've always known that Greg did a lot around the house, but holy cow, having to do all of it myself was pretty sucky and time-consuming. Last Saturday it took me 7 trips to get all the groceries carried in... that's just silly. Today he helped carry the groceries and he did the laundry, and he cleaned the floors. Good times...

I haven't been feeling at all creative since my dad passed away. I know a lot of creative people use grief as a kind of inspiration and end up doing beautiful works, but I have been so overwhelmed I just haven't had the slightest interest. But then coming home from running errands yesterday I had an idea and I decided to stop by a florist.

I bought a couple of flowers to bring home and take pictures of in the new lightbox that Santa brought me. When the florist brought out the flowers she had also included an iris that she gave me free, saying that she would never be able to sell it that day, she was closed the next day and it wouldn't still be pretty on Monday.

My Dad grew irises in our yard when I was growing up in Virginia. We had a huge yard, around 2 acres, and he lined our long driveway with irises, put irises at the corners of the house, and around some trees in the backyard. He had irises that were white and lavender, dark purple, maroon, bright yellow, and pink.

What a sweet surprise when the florist handed me that iris. :o)


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