Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day Six Without My Sweetie

Greg has been gone since last Sunday afternoon, almost a week. I miss him, but it's okay. I have been pretty busy this whole week, so it's not like I'm sitting around pinin'.

Tonight after work I go to my Nikon D40 class at Crealde. I am excited, my camera has a lot of really technical thingamajiggies that I don't fully understand. I even read the manual, twice, but it's confusing. The class is taught by a guy from Colonial Photo and Hobby, and those guys are all great, very knowledgeable and very good at teaching.

I've always wanted to take a class at Crealde! I had some artwork in a show there once, but I've never been there except for that one time.

It looks like my sweetie will be home on Thursday night, assuming there are no big problems between now and then. :) I have to work on Thursday, which sucks because I won't be home until 10:00pm. But he'll be there waiting for me with a big hug! I could use one of those.

Friday is Harry Potter celebration day. Woo! I am so sad that this book will be the last one ever. In my weird geeky Potter-fan mania, Friday is VERY IMPORTANT to me, and I'm so looking forward to it. First, Greg and I will go to see the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, which he hasn't seen yet. I saw it on Thursday after I got off work, and I can't wait to see it again.

Then, we'll go to the Barnes & Noble at around 4:30 or so to be there before 5:00, when they will start handing out bracelets for the book release party. (The bracelets are numbered and determine your place in the line at midnight.) Then, we'll to to Greg's favorite restaurant ever (a giant Chinese buffet) to celebrate his return home. Then, we'll go back to Barnes & Noble around 8 or 9 for the book release party.

Then, just after midnight, I'll bring home my last Harry Potter book ever (sob) and sit down at the dining room table to start reading. Position is very important: I discovered the year of book 4 that it's too tiring to hold the giant hardback book while reading through the night, those freakin' things just get too heavy after about the 4th hour of holding. I'll get my tissue box and my bottles of Coke Zero and I'll be up all night, reading the whole book in one sitting. (Minus pee breaks.)

Did I mention I made my own Harry Potter t-shirt? What?? Stop looking at me like that! It's very cute, and unique, and I can be a Harry Potter geek if I want!

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  1. Do you work at B&N? Great blog by the way, especially the links for DBC and the Dave & Chris show. By the way, I just MeMe tagged you on my blawg.


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