Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love > Hate

I am a fan of Valentine's day, despite the rampant hateration.

At work last week I heard a lot of complaining, mostly from men saying that it's a fake Hallmark holiday where they have to spend money for no good reason, and it would mean more to give a present/flowers/a card/whatever to their significant other just because they want to, not because the calendar tells them they are supposed to.

WTF is up with the hate?  I like having a day to celebrate love, just as I like having a day to celebrate being thankful.  I don't hear those guys complaining about the unfairness of being forced to eat a turkey just because the calendar tells them they are supposed to.

I also heard people complaining about being single, and how Valentine's day makes them feel bad.  I do remember going through plenty (plenty!) of Valentine's days when I was single, and sure, it's one of those times where I would stop and really feel single and wonder if and when I was ever going to find somebody to love.  But it never made me feel angry or bitter, sometimes lonely, but I still had hope of finding someone someday.

Greg loves me, and I know that.  He tells me every day, sometimes he does surprise me with little presents and things, and I don't need a fake Hallmark holiday to be reminded of it.  But dammit, I LIKE having a holiday to celebrate love!  And so does he.

The roses are colorful and smell wonderful and look beautiful.  Despite the "helpful" florist who pointed out that he was paying exactly double the amount he would have paid any other day of the year.


  1. oh, i love valentine's day, too! my husband and i decided to postpone our celebration till the weekend, though, as my daughter, almost 18, had a young man visiting and endeavoring to make the day special for her, yes, we have arrived at that point! my husband and i decided to allow them the run of our small apartment, acknowledging their sweet new romance while we cozied up in our room with our kindle fires and each other. i wont be able to write about any of this on my blog of course as i suspect it crosses the boundary of my kids' privacy.

    anyway, we knew she would be away working at winter camp this weekend, and so now we are celebrating valentines day like a couple of teenagers! well, maybe a couple of twentysomethings! glad you and greg had a lovely time!

  2. How exciting for your daughter! Sometimes I wish your blog was completely secret and you could tell all the details about your son's girlfriend, your family, and your co-workers. I know it's better the way it is, but still... that'd be fun. I am sure any guy that your daughter chooses would be an extremely interesting and impressive person, and I hope they had a romantic Valentine's day.

    So you and your sweetie have the apartment to yourselves this weekend to celebrate your own romance. Wonderful. Have fun! Have a LOT of fun :)

  3. Love is fabulous, a wonderful thing to nourish and grow. I was in St. Joe on V-day and Charlie was in town feverishly working on installing a new tel-com system. He was late starting on it because he had taken my senior cat to the vet. I was fretting over Romeo's health and my darling took care of it while I was away even though it put him behind. He was supposed to come see me on Tuesday but work meant us telling one another that the 15th would be our date day.
    He did come to me Wednesday, we dined at the best restaurant the two-traffic signal resort town had and went back to my hotel, talking comfortably of cats who were feeling better and how valentine's day for us is when we decide it is.
    Happy Valentine's Day everyday, e!

    1. That sounds lovely, Wooz! Glad the kitties are feeling better.

      Happy Valentine's day every day to you and Charlie, too :)


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