Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Favorite Websites: Moment Junkie

I follow a few photography blogs/sites, but this one has really gripped me lately:  Moment Junkie.  They post a wedding photo every day highlighting an amazing moment captured.

Some are adorable, like this little guy in midair:

Some are touching, like this tearful father:

Some are cute, like this groom waiting for the bride:

Some are kind of hilarious, like this group of yawners:

Some are joyous and fun:

Some are just neat, like this shot of a bride getting dressed:

Some are so pretty it's amazing that they are real:

Being a wedding photographer must be an interesting job, especially for these talented people.


  1. lovely shots, every one! i'll have to check out the site.

  2. I bet you'll love it, Angella. Many of the photos are filled with emotion, and many are just darned cute, and all are perfectly shot.

  3. This is what one of my favorite young cousins wants to do for a living. I'll share the website with her.
    Thanks, sweet e:)


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