Who am I?

In 1989 I moved to central Florida from southwestern Virginia.  I had never been to Florida before, but I wanted to live somewhere warm and sunny.  Moving to a place I'd never been and where I knew no one seemed like an adventure, which it was.  It also seemed temporary, but wasn't.  I like it here in the flat swampy land, with little lizards and big alligators and hurricanes and the Atlantic beaches less than an hour away. As it turns out, a person who is allergic to trees is better off not living in the mountains. Who knew?

I met my husband here, we had our first date on December 7, 2001, bonded together over our shared love of the Buzzcocks' music and the movie True Romance, moved in together in late January 2002 despite my previous protestations that it was stupid to live together without being married, got engaged on December 7, 2002 and went to celebrate by having Chinese food, and got married on October 1, 2003 standing in a circle of flowers on the beach. 

He has several tattoos that refer to the Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, and one tattoo of a Clive Barker sketch which he just covered up - now it's a tattoo of a Buddha statue.  He watches and grindhouse and exploitation movies while I hide in another room, then reviews them on his website. See it here:  Cinesploitation

I'm 49 years old, an atheist, a feminist and an unashamed bleeding heart liberal. Go ahead, take tax money directly out of my pockets to pay for social and environmental programs - no, take more!  I am both shy and introverted.  I am independent, overly sensitive, creative, and I try very hard to be kind.  I love animals and will be the person at the party who sits alone on a porch petting the cat.  I am an Antperson, a Mac devotee, a Star Trek fan. 

I am a writer and a photographer and a silk painter. I need to exercise more, be more social, and get outside my own head every now and then.

Who are you?