Monday, July 27, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

* Visited my Mom in north Georgia. We both wore silk scarves that I painted (I gave her two), went to IHOP and had breakfast for dinner, shopped at Penny's for control-top panties, visited Mom's sick friend, had lunch at Red Lobster with my niece, and discussed with my great-nieces the finer points of whether or not vampires should be sparkly.

* Put some of my silk scarves up for sale on Etsy: Top Notch Chick on Etsy

* Made a fan page for myself on Facebook: Top Notch Chick on Facebook

* Cleaned and organized my silk painting studio/photography studio/sun room

* Painted some silk scarves :)

* Went to Leu Gardens to take pictures in the morning sun

* Re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

* Cried a bit re-reading Deathly Hallows :(

* Re-watched Harry Potter movies 1 through 5

* Saw (and loved!!) the new Harry Potter movie (#6), and subsequently spent approx. 47 hours explaining to my husband how different things were in the book

* Went to a Luau at Jetty Park in Cocoa Beach, shared beer and shrimp and pork and jello shots and sweaty hugs with friends, and saw several giant cruise ships go by

* Gave myself a hot oil hair treatment

* Watched old episodes of Roseanne on TVLand

* Enjoyed not going to work! :D


  1. Sounds wonderful! i also reread the last two HP books, and loved the Half Blood Prince movie, even though it did take some liberties. Now I can't wait for the TV series, which should go through every one of the books in loving detail, episode by episode. It could take years for the series to get through it all. That's the only way to really do the whole arc of the story justice, though. I totally get why they're breaking the last movie into two parts.

  2. A tv series would be awesome. Is that the BBC one you're referring to?

    I am also very glad they are breaking up the last movie into two. After the changes to the Half-Blood Prince movie, I am not sure at all how they will explain some of the finer points of the horcruxes. But unless they cut a lot out, it'll be time-consuming.

    I can't wait! :)


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