Friday, March 20, 2009

Being Sick

Ugh. I got sick.

Sometimes when I am bored or silly or just pining for some attention (which doesn't happen to me, the one who hides behind the big plant at parties, very often), I think how nice it would be to get sick. Not unattractively sick, you know, just lying-on-the-couch sick, with a lovely fever and a diminished appetite. I'd get lots of loving care from my sweet devoted husband, bringing me tissues and hot drinks and petting my burning brow. I'd get to catch up on watching tv shows while lying under my cozy fluffy throw blanket, and I'd come out of it refreshed and rested and several pounds lighter.

That was my stupid fantasy; the reality was lots of phlegm, a fever that made my eyes dry out, coughing until my lungs and chest muscles felt ripped apart, and sleeping all day and all night. Funnily enough, I didn't enjoy it all that much when my husband ran to the drugstore to get me medicine and lotiony tissues, and nagged me to drink more juice and take my Mucinex.

I had to call in sick on a day when I knew we were understaffed at work, which made me feel guilty on top of everything else. Then I had to call in sick for several more days, and use up vacation time that I'd been saving. I was finally feeling better (well enough to drag my sorry self back to work, anyway) by last Tuesday, and suffered through three days of coughing/noseblowing grossness at work. Don't feel sorry for my co-workers having to listen to my phlegmminess, though, where do you think I got this contagious plague? :)

I was able to drive 8 hours up to north Georgia for my visit with my Mother on Friday (the 13th), but was unusually exhausted by the time I got there. We still had a great visit, even though I was still more tired than usual.

I really don't get sick very often, this was the first time in years. And now I remember: IT IS NO FUN.


  1. I laughed out loud at your first graph. Oh yes, I have had exactly the same thought about lying under a cozy blanket, gently ill, catching up on my TV shows. Glad you're starting to feel better.

  2. Thanks, Angella!

    I am pretty much 100% now, although a new horror has befallen me: I have a big pimple that is right next to my upper lip, and looks exactly like a cold sore.


  3. Hi Ellen!
    Isn't that the way life is? The idea of things always sounds soooo much better than the real thing :). Oh well. Glad you're feeling better now.
    P.S. Forgot to say how much I appreciated the belly laugh I got from reading about your ideal illness!!
    P.P.S. About the pimple...just tell everyone it IS a cold sore?? Just a thought...

  4. Which is worse/more embarrassing; having a cold sore or having a pimple?

    I was thinking having a cold sore is worse, but maybe that's just from my high school days. My best friend used to get them and was so humiliated, she said no one would sit next to her on the bus when she had a cold sore. :)

    I don't currently ride a school bus, so I guess that's not really a concern!

  5. Hi Ellen!
    Glad you you're feeling better! I sympathize with how crappy you've been feeling... have just gotten over those same symptoms myself...and now watching them develop in my husband... no fun whatsoever!

    As for catching up on your reading or TV while you're sick? Hard to do that when all you're good for is sleeping! And when you're awake, there's the guilty feeling that you may as well be doing something constructive, like working at the computer or in the studio!

    I guess the 'good' illnesses will have to remain in our fantasies...

  6. I loved the one year I was kind of blah all the time, It took my appetite away, I lost 35 pounds. Then, suddenly I felt better, and I gained it back plus some.

    I'd love a little blah feeling, just enough to like you said, lay on the couch all day, and not feel guilty for doing it.


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