Thursday, July 18, 2013

My own tiny personal break room

It may very well be kind of neurotic or anti-social to spend all my breaks in my car.  But I like the parking lot; this is my view.  And I get the best spot in the shade under the big tree because I get in so early.  (Yes, I'm Sheldon.)

I like sitting in my car and eating my lunch, or calling Greg, or calling Mom, or going on Twitter or playing a game on my phone.  It's way more relaxing to me than having to make small talk about congress or work or some popular tv show with a co-worker/stranger in the break room.


  1. And that's a lovely view, much lovelier and more peaceful than a fluorescent lit break room I imagine.

    1. I think so. I may be anti-social... or maybe I'm just smarter than everyone else :D


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