Saturday, January 26, 2013


I've been calling Mom two or three times a day since coming home, and she sounds good.  Except that she hasn't spent much time out of bed, other than sitting in her chair for meals and one shower. She has a day nurse, Helen, who has (I think) a Jamaican accent and seems determined to get Mom out of bed at least once or twice a day, and a night nurse, Dana, who we met when we brought Mom home from the hospital.  They both seem very nice, and competent, and kind.

My brother has spent the past two days having a colonoscopy. According to Mom it went fine with no issues or anything scary.  (Mom had colon cancer a decade ago, and I guess I need to go have a colonoscopy myself sometime this year...  Ugh.)  My sister has spent the past few days looking at assisted living facilities, and plans to move Mom next week.  I am fairly fearful that she is overestimating Mom's strength, but like Greg says, I have to remember that they all love Mom too and won't do anything to harm her.  I'm trying really hard to be positive and assume everything will be fine, and I'm hoping to go up for a quick weekend sometime soon to see Mom in her new home.

Before all this happened with Mom, before the fall that fractured a vertebrae and before she was in the hospital, Greg and I bought a new bed. It was delivered last Saturday, and we love it so much.  It's a platform bed with drawers underneath and a (fake) leather padded headboard that's perfect for leaning on when reading in bed.  We also got new nightstands and lamps, and a new mattress.

Mattress shopping sucks a whole lot, and it's a scary thing to buy since you really have no way of knowing how much you will actually enjoy sleeping on this thing you are spending a buttload of money on.  After I did a fairly obsessive amount of internet research and after going to a half-dozen stores and lying on dozens of mattresses, we picked a Sealy memory foam mattress with latex and gel layers.

Oh man, we love that mattress, and the new bed, and the new bedding we got from Bed Bath and Beyond with their ubiquitous 20% off coupons.  We got a pretty gray duvet and an alternative down comforter and pillow shams and the whole thing is just so cozy.

Last night I was lying awake worrying at around 4am and thinking about how I was, at the very least, extremely comfortable.


  1. you made me smile. we are in the market for a new fluffy comforter, too, having bought a new mattress earlier this year. never underestimate these things!

    i am glad your mom has good care. Will she have round the clock caregivers at the new assisted living facility too? or maybe that's the point?

    continuing to send good thoughts into the universe for you and your mom. hugs, dear friend.

    1. Well, that's the thing - my sister has made it sound like she will not have round the clock care, but I'm hoping I have just misunderstood something. I am trying to stay hopeful that Mom will be up and around in a wheelchair soon, but for now she can't get to the bathroom or bathe herself or walk at all, and she needs a lot of care.

      My brother and sister are both retired and will hopefully have plenty of time to straighten things out and make sure everything is okay for Mom. Like I keep saying, I'm trying to stay positive and keep the worrying to a minimum...

      Thanks for the hugs, my friend. I'll take 'em.

  2. A comfy mattress and good linens make a world of difference! Oh - save those 20% off coupons regardless of the expiration date, they will still accept them:)


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