Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I saw a post on Twitter referencing people wanting to secede from the United States, so that's it.  I am officially on a news break.  And for me, being on a news break means not listening to NPR in the car and not reading news stories online. Good bye!  If we go over that fiscal cliff I am sure someone will notify me.

*Warning: Breaking Bad spoilers possible*

I've been looking around on Tumblr lately, and though I still haven't really gotten the hang of it, I have found a lot of Tumblr pages that are fascinating.  With any kind of social website, your own experience depends solely on the others you choose to interact with; for example, though I saw a lot of posts where my Facebook friends wrung their hands over the vitriol they saw on their feeds,  but on my own newsfeed I saw very little and can assume those people didn't choose their FB friends carefully enough.  Having said that, my overall feeling about Tumblr is that it attracts a lot of arty, geeky, poetic types. Which I like.

One of my favorite things on Tumblr so far is the Breaking Bad fan art page.  WIN.  Link:  Breaking Bad fan art.

A few good examples:

Digital fine art

Graphic art


Handmade Heisenberg doll

I need to print this one out and put it up on my desk at work

A lot of the artwork features this quote

I would totally wear these

Even Halloween costumes!

It's interesting to see what people were inspired by. A lot of the art is about Heisenberg. He is the one who knocks.  Don't all of us kind of want to be the one who knocks?  I think the transition between Mr. White and Heisenberg is something we fear, or maybe hope, is deep within all of us. I think the idea that we could be the one who knocks, but only sometimes, is the trap.


  1. I don't watch BB since my main rule for entertainment is that it provide mindless escapism. My job involves too much real-life angst and the attempted amelioration thereof for fictional heart-wrenching to appeal to me. "Deep" tv just gives me the grouchy:)
    The fan art is pretty nice, though:)

    1. Even without the show as a reference, you can still see what a wide variety of arts and crafts that it inspires. Trust me, the Halloween costume looks like nothing with no context, but it's pretty clever :)

  2. i was addicted to breaking bad on netflix! whew, what a show. i didn't love this last half-season as much, and i wonder if it was because i wasn't watching marathon-style, as i had watched the previous four seasons. how far along in the series are you?

    and as for taking a break from the news, i think i should follow your lead. it is freakin surreal the way people are losing their minds over obama's reelection. i think i will go bury my head in the sand now.

    i love you.

    1. We watched it all, everything but the last few episodes back to back on Netflix, and then the last 3-4 episodes spaced out by torturous weeks. There is a lot to be said for the immersion of watching them marathon-style, it's far more intense. Luckily we knew going into the final-until-next-summer episode that it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so we were braced. I kind of wish now that we'd waited until the very end to watch any of it.

      I think the best tv series I've ever seen (and the most inspirational to me) would have to be 1) Six Feet Under 2) Breaking Bad 3) The Shield and 4) My So-Called Life. Have you ever seen Six Feet Under? If not, turn off the news and watch it instead... it's a lot smarter.

      I can't stand it, I overdosed on politics before the election, and I just seriously don't see the point in getting so angry about people I don't even know. I haven't even been watching The Daily Show :)


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