Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pride About Our Manner

I am way behind on my apparently ill-advised movie watching goal for the year. To meet the goal I will need to watch 26 movies in the next 3.5 months, approximately. That will not happen.  New goal for 2013: Watch more TV shows!

TV series are arguably an equivalent art form to movies now, with cable channels throwing tons of money and people like Alan Ball at them. I have not had more time for movies because I have been positively enthralled by shows like Downton Abbey, Louie, Homeland, Girls, and now... Oh, now.  Now I am completely and utterly addicted (ha) to Breaking Bad.  Greg and I started watching it on Netflix and got sucked in right away by the amazingly realistic characters and the fascinating plot. We are now up to the middle of season 4, and we literally can't stand to watch anything else. We have Real Time with Bill Mahers and Louies and Daily Shows piling up on the DVR, and they will all just have to wait until there are NO MORE Breaking Bads, because we can't watch anything else.

It's just such an intense, semi-movie-like experience to watch episodes of a series one after the other, instead of waiting a week or months in between. We have so many more we want to see, too.  We haven't seen The Wire or Deadwood or... well, there are plenty to keep us busy.

I have completely fallen in love with my little Kindle, too.  I bought a pink faux leather case on eBay, and I've even taken it to work to read on lunch breaks a few times.  I've been reading a fairly mindless but cheerful and entertaining ebook series about witches.  I saw a review of the one I'm reading now (#3) on Amazon that said the reviewer would not be buying any more of these relentlessly cheerful, unrealistically nice novels. But that's exactly what I am enjoying! I don't know, I'm not in the mood for realism and darkness.  Or maybe I'm getting enough from Mr. White.

Work is going fine. I have literally read the entire manual for the program they hired me to know about, but I had no idea how many changes needed to be made, and I had no idea how far beyond my knowledge and experience this would go. I am liking the challenge, though.  And I have to admit, being basically boss-less and working completely independently is nice for me. I find that if I keep trying I actually CAN figure out things that seem hopeless. This whole job feels oddly temporary, but so far I think I am doing a great job (even though, truly, no one sees it yet at all) and I'm feeling optimistic.

I have wanted to write about how excited I am to go see Adam Ant in concert on the 29th of this month, and it is such an emotional thing for me that I can't find the words. I'll keep trying, but in the meantime I have gotten thrilly butterfly-tummy at least once a day just at the mere idea of it.

I feel beneath the white
There is a red skin suffering
From centuries of taming

No method in our madness
Just pride about our manner
Antpeople are the warriors
Antmusic is the banner

A new Royal Family

a wild nobility
we are the family
~ Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni

Tell me those drums don't make you want to buy front row center tickets to hear it live, and to DANCE.


  1. life seems good! and oh my, breaking bad. do i ever understand. i would stay up till 4 and 5 in the morning watching just one more episode. let me know when you get caught up to this season. we should talk...

    you might also love friday night lights. it was the only thing that managed to absorb me right after breaking bad. it was the only thing that stopped the withdrawals.

    also a fan of downton abbey and homeland and girls!

    watching brothers and sisters on netflix right now because i am in the mood for a mindless soap opera. waiting for the return of homeland this month!

    Do you have a kindle fire? I love watching netflix on that!

    1. Angella, we have finished Season 4 and watched the first episode of Season 5 last night. I have rarely been this caught up in a series. We talk about it in the car on the way to work, discussing what we saw the night before and guessing what might happen next. I will surely let you know when I get completely caught up so we can talk :)

      I just have a regular ol' Kindle (one with ads, even) but it suits me perfectly. Greg and I can stream Netflix on our Blu-ray player, and we love watching Breaking Bad on our "big" plasma screen. Sometimes I stream Netflix on my iPhone, but that little screen's not good enough for Breaking Bad! Ha.

      By the way, did you consider watching Newsroom? I just know you'd love it. Season 1 is over, not sure if it's on Netflix or not, though.

  2. ooh, not into any kind of TV that stirs my emotions beyond the funny. Too much angst in the real world for me to engage in it otherwise.
    Your kindle series sounds fun, though. Who is it?
    I am so glad work is going well. Take the freedom and make the job thoroughly yours, write the book, be the James Edgar Hoover of the department (without all of the ass-holiness, of course)and create that world:)

    1. The first book in the series is A Modern Witch by Deborah Geary. Do you have a Kindle? If you do, I can loan it to you! If you are looking for cheerful and cute, this is it :)


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