Friday, March 24, 2006

Thank God It's...

The Magic game was great, they actually won for a change! I love watching the people around me with season tickets, especially the big hat lady who is there every year, in the same seat, all by herself. She has a giant Cat-in-the-hat-esque hat, with autographs (I'll go out on a limb here and assume they are Magic players) and Magic pins and glitter all over it. She sits on the edge of her seat for the entire game, watching intently. Sometimes she's more interesting to look at than the game... I should get my own hat and have her sign it.

My birthday was great! I went to the spa early in the morning, I got my massage first. It's been several years since I've had a massage, and I told the massage therapist to go really, really easy on me -- I didn't want to end up sore or headachy. I told him I just wanted a really gentle relaxing massage.

During the massage I kept hearing my old friend Lynn's voice in my head -- she's a massage thereapist and the very first massages I ever had were from her. She used to yell at me to breathe... it seems I get so intent on the massage I would completely forget to breathe and basically end up holding my breath. She'd keep yelling at me, somthing about oxygen to your muscles... whatEVer. So, I breathed on a fairly regular basis during my massage. Which, by the way, left me sore for 3 days -- it's a good thing I asked for the gentle massage...

Then I had a pedicure, in a heaty massagy chair with my feet in a little foot-jacuzzi. More foot massaging during the pedicure, which was very nice. Then I had a manicure, then an eyebrow wax, then my hair cut. I was so freakin' sick of the long, long, long hair that when I stood there as she chopped away at my pony-tail I wasn't even traumatized. It was great! I think it helped a great deal knowing the hair wasn't just going to be swept up, it would actually be helpful to a child somewhere. I mean, I really liked my hair, I was just tired of it.

I love my new hair cut! My head is all swingy now. My hair actually gets pretty wavy without all that weight straightening it out.

It was last Friday, one week ago today that I turned 40, had my first manicure and pedicure, and got my hair cut off. So far, 40 rocks...

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